Our Mission

We are your future growth

As I started my 10th year in school I was already into the entrepreneurship world. I first did on my one a clothing brand which wasn't really succesfull financially, but in terms of knowledge, I progresed and developed a lot of new skills and habilities.

As soon as I closed the brand, I started a new company, MediaSurge Agency.

It all started as a personal project for my school, as one of the subjects involved this, but I thought that maybe I could take this opportunity to success in this world.

The landscape of marketing is evolving at a breakneck pace, demanding our constant attention. We embrace this challenge by staying attuned to consumers' likes, dislikes, and concerns through data. We tell compelling stories through creativity and foster deep human connections. Technology is not just a tool; it's our ally in enhancing competitiveness. We continuously seek the optimal channels and speakers to communicate effectively.

Our mission extends beyond traditional boundaries. At MediaSurge, we aspire to create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals and independent agencies. We are united by a shared goal: to propel ourselves and our clients forward through innovation and top-tier talent. And amidst this journey, we ensure that joy and passion are the driving forces.

In the spirit of collaboration and progress,

Gonzalo Sánchez-Taíz
CEO of MediaSurge

Believe in us, believe in the surge.